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Shimadzu Vietnam - Trung Son T.S.S.E Scientific Equipment & Tourist Joint Stock Company is an Exclusive Distributor of SHIMADZU, a famous brand of analytical instruments, since 2000 in Viet Nam

Fine plastic particles with sizes of several μm to about 5 mm are called microplastics (MPs), and their effect on pollution and ecosystems in marine environments is a serious concern. It has been pointed out that bioaccumulation may occur by a process of adsorption of harmful substances on MPs, and ingestion of those MPs by marine organisms in marine environments. Due to that, many surveys of the actual condition of MPs and evaluation of their toxicity are being conducted..
Using Py-GC/MS method, qualitative analysis of individual polymers contained in mixed samples is possible by highly sensitive detection of the distinctive pyrolysis products of each polymer. This article reports the results of a qualitative analysis of a sample, prepared by mixing multiple polymers to simulate MPs, using Py-GC/MS methodThis test method is applicable to nitrosamines that can be chromatographed and detected using a mass spectrometry procedure.

Approximately 0.05 mg each of fragments of four types of commercially-available standard polymer sample materials (polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) were introduced into a sample cup, and about 1 mg of wool was placed in the cup to prevent scattering. This sample was then set in the auto-shot sampler of the pyrolyzer.