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Shimadzu Vietnam - Trung Son T.S.S.E Scientific Equipment & Tourist Joint Stock Company is an Exclusive Distributor of SHIMADZU, a famous brand of analytical instruments, since 2000 in Viet Nam

Shimadzu awarded twice in Innovation Awards


"Accurate measurement drives progress in science in immeasurable ways. On December 23, the 2014 TASIAs were published, celebrating a year’s worth of innovation."


We are very happy and proud that Shimadzu systems have been awarded twice during the The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2014 (TASIA 2014) with the:

  • Winner: iMScope TRIO 
    revolutionary new technology with combination of an Imaging mass spectrometrophotometer with an optical microscope 
  • #7: Nexera-e 
    the comprehensive 2D-LC methodology is a paradigm shift in liquid chromatography separation analysis. By combining two independent separation modes orthogonally in combination with a dual-loop/dual-valve alternate switching design




The iMScope TRIO - Imaging mass spectrometry combined with optical microscopy




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Nexera-e - Exponential liquid chromatography




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"Rich Whitworth (Editor of The Analytical Scientist) said, “Our first TASIAs in 2013 set a worryingly high benchmark for all subsequent awards. I am delighted to report that the 2014 TASIAs easily hit that benchmark and feature 15 truly innovative advances, many of which we expect to have game-changing implications in analytical science. Clearly, the TASIAs shine a light on the 15 winners, but we also hope that they demonstrate the innovation-rich nature of our field.”"


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The full TASIAs article can be found online, here: Download pdf (page 26, 30)

The 2014 TASIAs are also available in The Analytical Scientist print magazine, the iPad app, and in the downloadable PDF of the December issue.